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Very insightful post regarding the need for connecting. Alternatively, has the web made the world so large that newer tools have had to evolve for us to deal with fitting into a larger global landscape. The need to belong is strong and may actually be strained by the global technical society we are now somewhat forced to live and survive in. With the number of connection points growing exponentially everyday, it is a basic means of sanity that requires us to implement tools to aggregate our data in data structure levels appropriate to the content of the message.

We can probably relate that the attention span that stems from the success of status based micro blogging such as Twitter may in fact be targeting the laziness factor as a means of garnering the content of a web demographic that to date has not been given the tools to contribute and be harvested as part of the global content collective that is the web.

In my opinion, applications such as Twitter are providing a short attention span and simple transport mechanisms with numerous potential applications. The fundamental fact that limitation breeds creativity while hopefully be seen once again in the creative outputs of this condensed framework.


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